getting started

Droshi is really easy to use, scroll down to see our simple six-step-guide!

Go to and login using the information sent to you by mail.


Connect either your Shopify or WooCommerce store under Integrations.


Select the products you want to sell by adding them to your list.


Export your list using the Product Export.


Save and import the product file to your store.

Start selling!

Orders placed in your store for Droshi-products are automatically sent to Droshi. You will receive an e-mail with payment instructions – as soon as we verify your payment we will process the order. You will be updated with your order’s status by e-mail, or if you use Shopify in your store admin.


Importing orders to Shopify or WooCommerce

Please follow the instructions below on how to import products to your store.

Shopify –

WooCommerce –

Please note that currently exported prices are in EUR only, and if your store uses another currency you need to manually edit and convert to your store’s currency before importing. Changing currency is a feature that is coming soon!